Bath & Body

Bath & Body

The skin is the body’s largest organ, yet it often gets the least consideration when it comes to healthy living. Everything we put on our skin gets absorbed into the body to some extent, and with all the synthetic substances in our world, who knows what the long-term consequences may be?  Give yourself a break with our natural bath and body creations.  Pamper your skin and improve your personal environment with these gentle, nourishing, high quality treats.  You work your body hard – you deserve it!

After Gel – Soothes Minor Skin Irritations

After sun, after bug bites, after cuts, scrapes and burns…..After Gel.  It soothes minor skin...

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Cotton Wash Cloths

Cotton Wash Cloths These beautiful cotton wash cloths are knit with love and...

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Massage Candles

Made with Ecosoya natural non-GMO soy wax, aloe vera infused oil, mango butter and pure, therapeutic grade...

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Smell No Evil

Stop plugging your sweat ducts with aluminum and carcinogens!  Do I have your attention?  Our...

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Sea Soak

People have been using bath salts for thousands of years to help them relax and to draw toxins from the...

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Skin Souffle – Hand & Body

This scented lotion is light and loaded with nutrients!  A tiny bit goes a long way to deeply moisturize your...

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Essential Oils

Our collection of essential oils is growing all the time. We use only 100% pure, natural essential oils from...

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Essential Oil Blends

Our collection of essential oil blends is growing all the time. We use only...

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