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At Apple Island Naturals, we believe that everyone deserves to enjoy the beauty of nature, and are committed to creating special products for you using natural ingredients. All are handcrafted and never involve animal testing or synthetic ingredients. We are constantly searching for new ways to “go green” and reduce our environmental impact. We use only ethical Canadian suppliers for our ingredients, supplies, and equipment, because we believe in employing Canadians. We support local businesses as often as possible.

In 2005 I was 5 years into my nursing career.  I bought some organic shampoo, conditioner and soap in a health food store and it cleared up the psoriasis I’d suffered with for 23 years.  I’d tried all sorts of treatments for it, both over the counter and prescription, but nothing had ever worked.  That got me thinking and learning about natural products and foods, and how much healthier they are for us and the planet.

Fast forward 2 years, I was housebound due to a back injury and very bored, so I decided to learn how to make my own soap.  I’d been using natural soap for awhile, but I didn’t like the consistency of it.  It didn’t matter which brand I bought, they all seemed to turn to mush.  My mission was to make soap that I could use down to the last sliver.  After a lot of reading and learning about different oils, and much experimenting, I had success!  I also had a newfound passion for soapmaking and natural ingredients.

Fast forward 2 more years when I found out I could not go back to nursing because of my injury.  Friends and family had been buying my soap regularly which enabled me to keep making it, so I decided to jump in with both feet and make a business out of it.

These days I still make everything in small batches so it’s always fresh, I have learned a lot more, and continue to learn, and though I’ll always miss nursing, I still get to help people with my products.  I especially like helping people with skin conditions and allergies, and getting people to switch to natural products by teaching them about synthetic ingredients which are often irritants at best – many are even cancer-causing.  There is no need for anything like that to be in our skin care.   Because I’m getting older, I’ve developed a strong interest in anti-aging ingredients as well and look forward to creating more facial products.

We are all on this life journey together and my goal is to help as many people as I can, any way I can while also trying to be easy on our planet.  I’ve learned that change happens, that’s just life.  You can be bitter and fight against it, like I did for awhile, or you can adapt to it, change yourself, go with the flow, and turn lemons in to lemonade.  Apple Island Naturals is my lemonade stand and proof that you can survive and thrive as long as you don’t give up.  Follow your dreams!  If I can do it, you can too!

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Apple Island products are the best. My fav’s are the root beer soap and chapsticks! I buy them in bulk, put them in fancy bags, and give them out to all my friends! I can’t wait to try out the clay face mask and have some Mother ~ Daughter time doing it!

Darlene D.

I love all the peace scented products!!! The bar soap, bath soak & essential oil just to name a few of my favourites!! I Absolutely love the orange pit stick!!! Can’t live without it!!

Tina S.

I love the essential oils and the muscle melt candle! They are amazing! Great products! They last forever!

Nicolette R.

Quality Lip Balm bought the ICE one and my lips have never been happier!

Mary L.

She is just awesome! and I love using these products. I have used the different deodorants, clay face mask, and face moisturizer.

Megan D.

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