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More Bees Please!

More Bees Please!

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Bees are called beneficial for a reason. Everything they do is for the good of the planet. It’s possible we could survive without bees, but it wouldn’t be easy, and we definitely should do everything we can for it to never come to that. Apple Island Naturals lists a few ideas below.

The Situation

It’s no secret that the bee population has been threatened in recent years. You may remember seeing fields of clover teaming with them as a child, while these days you might only see a few. Pesticides and unpredictable weather are largely to blame, according to Green Matters. It’s gotten so bad that keeping bees is seen as a risky venture, and hive loss is understood to be  a regular occurrence.

If you’re a gardener, you’ll have to take special steps to ensure pollinators are attracted to your patch. In addition to pollination, bees are credited with helping to aerate the soil and keeping other, less-beneficial insects in check. Honey production is also pretty important. Cultures around the world use the natural sweetener in everything from teas to supplements. Today, we understand that honey is more than just a natural sweetener. It has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Local honey can help lessen allergies and Manuka honey can even help heal wounds.

Tips for your bee garden

Make room for bee-friendly blooms like crocus and dahlias to attract bees. Garden Design mentions other flowers such as the aptly named bee balm, as well as snapdragon, California poppies, and evening primrose. If you aren’t sure what’s local to your area, or what will thrive in your particular climate, talk to the people at your garden center, or try an online forum. And there’s gotten to be a lot of good gardening advice on YouTube, where you can find tips.

If you plan to build your bee garden near your property’s boundary, it may be a wise move to enlist the help of a professional property surveyor. The last thing you want is to unknowingly encroach on a neighbor’s land, so be sure the property lines are measured against the plot details and everything is documented by the surveyor.

Color and Shape Matters

Bees are most attracted to blue, purple, and yellow flowers. And they like flat, shallow blossoms. It’s best to plant your flowers in groups so the bees can find them as clearly visible flower beds. Bees will also need water, so consider frequent use of a sprinkler or adding a water feature. The bees will need somewhere to land to drink. Plants with large wet leaves that retain water droplets and will do well to attract pollinators.

When planning your bee garden plants other than flowers can also attract bees. If space is limited, you may have to get creative, but it doesn’t mean you can’t still do your part to help the bees. Because frankly, we’re the problem, and if we can’t make space in our urbanscapes for the bees, we’ll be in trouble soon. Fruits and veggies can be grown in pots and hanging baskets and help keep the bees healthy.

Buy organic

 Since pesticides are a big part of the problem, you definitely don’t want to use them in your garden. But you should also consider supporting organic farming when you go to the grocery store. Yes, it’s more expensive, but the more of us willing to pay a little more, the more available organics will become, and the price will eventually come down. The important thing is that you’re voting with your dollars for sustainable techniques that will benefit the bees. Because if the bees die out all of our fruits and veggies will be a lot more expensive.

Our ecosystems are fragile, but they can bounce back. Helping the bees helps all the other plants and animals. Do your part and plant a bee garden this year.


Apple Island Naturals believes that everyone deserves to enjoy the beauty of nature, and are committed to creating special products for you using natural ingredients. All are handcrafted and never involve animal testing or synthetic ingredients. Contact us today! +1 250 344-3674



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