Handmade Soap Benefit 1:

Handmade soap is made by combining a lye and water solution with various fats. This causes a chemical reaction called saponification to occur. If the math is done right and everything goes as planned, what you end up with is a solid loaf containing soap and glycerin.  In the old days there was no way to tell exactly how much lye to use to make the soap solid, so people would use extra lye just to be on the safe side which resulted in some really harsh soap.  These days we have the technology to calculate exactly how much lye, water and oil we need so no lye gets left over in the finished product. The glycerin that is present in the soap is what makes handmade soap different from factory-made soap. Many factories extract the glycerin from their soaps and sell it to cosmetic companies for use in more expensive products like facial moisturizers, so the “soap” they are left with is really just a bar of detergent and can be quite drying to the skin. Small batch soap makers have no way to extract glycerin, (and most of us probably wouldn’t anyway even if we were able to) so you will be able to enjoy the benefits of the moisturizing glycerin in every bar.  If you suffer from dry, itchy, red, irritated skin, you may want to give handmade soap a try.  Just make sure it’s natural though, as some handmade soap makers use fragrance oils instead of essential oils.  The fragrance oils are synthetic and can be irritating and harmful.

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