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30 ml glass jar. Contains: aloe vera (aloe barbadensis) gel, cosmetic grade polyester glitter.

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Who says natural has to be boring?!  Our sparkler is made of aloe vera gel and extra-fine, cosmetic grade glitter – OK, the glitter’s not natural, but it’s too big to be absorbed into your skin, so we took some artistic license with this one.  These little jars of fun are unscented and you can use them on your face, body, hair, clothes, etc.  There is no oil in it so it won’t stain fabric.  It is safe to use on lips and eyelids.  When using it on your hair, we advise you to rub the gel between your hands first then smooth your hands over your hair – that way you avoid getting globs of goo in your do.  On your skin, the aloe vera gel dries in seconds and you can’t even feel that you’re wearing it, plus it’s good for your skin.  The glitter is tiny and subtle and stays on until you wash it off.  Everyone can use a little sparkle in life!  Choose from the following colours:


Azure (sky blue)                                                                                            Ice (cool iridescent)

Berried  (hot pink)                                                                                        Mermaid (teal)

Blue Moon (crystal blue)                                                                             Princess (rose)

Fairy Dust (mauve)                                                                                       Sea Foam (pale aquamarine)

Fire (red)                                                                                                         Sorceress (dark purple)

Go Green (lime green)                                                                                  Sterling (silvrer)

Gold Rush (gold)