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Home & Seasonal

Seasons mark time and change. Their beginnings and endings create excitement in life and make us experience different sensations.  Enhance and enjoy these changes with new scents and products fitting for each season.  Use them to create your own personal environment that you and your loved ones can experience.  Scents are tied strongly to emotion and therefore memory, so take advantage of them and use them in your home to create some beautiful memories.

After Gel – Soothes Minor Skin Irritations

After sun, after bug bites, after cuts, scrapes and burns…..After Gel.  It soothes minor skin...

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Cotton Wash Cloths

Cotton Wash Cloths These beautiful cotton wash cloths are knit with love and 100% cotton.  They can be used to...

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Cedar Soap Dishes

Cedar Soap Dishes These cedar soap dishes are tailor-made to fit Apple Island Soaps.  They are made by a...

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Gift Baskets

Ready-made or customized gift baskets!  We will even ship it directly to the person you are gifting it to if you...

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Quit Buggin’ Me!

This natural insect repellent scares away the bugs without hurting the person who is wearing it.  Most commercial...

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Apple Island Mist

This is a versatile spray that you can use on your face, body, clothing, linen and upholstery.  Use the Purple...

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