Bath & Body

Bath & Body

The skin is the body’s largest organ, yet it often gets the least consideration when it comes to healthy living. Everything we put on our skin gets absorbed into the body to some extent, and with all the synthetic substances in our world, who knows what the long-term consequences may be?  Give yourself a break with our natural bath and body creations.  Pamper your skin and improve your personal environment with these gentle, nourishing, high quality treats.  You work your body hard – you deserve it!
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Essential Oil Blends

Our collection of essential oil blends is growing all the time. We use only...

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Apple Island Mist

  This is a versatile spray that you can use on your face, body, clothing, linen and upholstery.  Use...

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$8.95 - 19.95

Butter Sticks

Our fabulous body butter in a convenient stick.  This mini or large deodorant container full of...

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Bath and Body Oil

  This nutrient-rich blend of oils is great for your whole body.  It soaks right into your skin leaving...

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Warming Massage Oil

  Thanks to the amazing oil of the kukui nut, this long-lasting, natural massage oil actually warms up as you...

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Tub Pucks

Throw this little puck into the tub and let it do its magic.  As it dissolves in the water it releases Epsom...

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Conditioning Shampoo Bar

Help keep plastic out of  landfills by switching to solid shampoo.  It takes a little getting used to at...

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