Essential Oil Dilution, Information for your Health and Safety

Essential Oil Dilution

Essential oil dilution is very important for your health and safety.  Just because something is natural doesn’t mean it can’t hurt you.  Think of poison ivy for example, or many of the poisonous mushrooms that grow wild in the forest.  Essential oils can hurt you if you use them improperly so it is very important to educate yourself before using these natural medicines.  If you are getting your health and safety information from someone selling essential oils, please make sure that the person is a registered aromatherapist or a naturopath who has been formally educated about their use and not just a salesperson who is only concerned with making money.  At the least, do your own homework using ethical, credible sources for your research.  Here is some information by Robert Tisserand. Check out his book Essential Oil Safety. Using natural remedies is pointless if you don’t use them correctly!

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