Butter Sticks

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15 g or 90 g deodorant tube. Contains: jojoba (simmondsia chinensis) oil, candelilla (euphorbia cerifera) wax, cocoa (theobroma cacao) butter, shea (butyospermum parkii) butter, essential oil.

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Our fabulous body butter in a convenient stick.  This mini or large deodorant container full of body butter is a great all-in-one stick if you’re trying to travel light.  You can use it as perfume, moisturizer and lip balm too.  Put some under your nose to block out unpleasant smells.  Apply some to your hands and rub it into your feet – it’s great for cracked heels and dry cuticles too.  And it won’t get confiscated in the airport lineup!  Choose from the following scents:

Black Diamond (anise, titanium dioxide for sun screen)               Nonscents (unscented)

Coastal Calm (lavender, cedar)                                                            Peace (bergamot, ylang-ylang, rosewood, clary sage)

Exotic Hippie (patchouli, ylang-ylang)                                              Purple Haze (lavender)

Juicy (sweet orange, may chang)                                                        Safe Harbour (clove, black pepper, cedar)

Lemongrass (lemongrass)                                                                     Sophisticated Hippie (patchouli, bergamot)

Margarita (red grapefruit, lime)                                                          Zen (lemongrass, sage)